Hiring A Professional NYC Photographer

How to Hire A Professional NYC Photographer by Mike Brassil New York Photography (October 2020 Update) If you live in New York City, you know there are plenty of places where you can take beautiful pictures. However, to stage a professional photo shoot, you need to hire an experienced photographer. The process might be challenging, but you can evaluate your best option using the tips below. Tips for choosing a NYC professional photographer 1. Compare- You should pick your top 5 NYC photographers and compare them; this is one of the keys to picking the best photographer for your project. It will allow you to see the differences in styles and skills between various professionals. It will also let you know what you are actually missing in your photography, so make sure you are thoroughly evaluating them. 2. Read the reviews- Do not forget to read all of the reviews given by other NYC Clients as they know better (and have already hired them). Those comments and reviews will h

Michael Brassil New York Photography

Michael Brassil New York Photography Michael Brassil is an award winning photographer based in New York. He attended college at California Institute of the Arts where he was a photojournalism major and international relations minor.  What’s the point of photography? We value preserving how something looks, a glimpse of what we encounter. but we’re also attending to it  in the moment . That’s why we value simple photographic tools – mechanical rangefinders the perfect example – that get out of our way and allow us to experience the moment without having to ‘interface’ with a machine and its requirements. Michael Brassil NYC CONSENT FORM FOR PHOTOGRAPHS: I consent to the taking of the photographs indicated below. I understand that these will be used: 1. For lectures and teaching purposes. 2.* For publication in journals, textbooks or similar publications. In which case I understand that: (a) The material will be published without my name attached and every attempt will be made to ensure